Adventures in venture capital with Jeff Erickson, Forecastr

7 May 2024

Jeff Erickson, currently a part of Forecastr, brings a wealth of experience from various ventures leading up to his current role.

In a conversation that began with exploring the parallels between sports and business—two of Jeff’s primary interests—the discussion soon shifted to his entrepreneurial journey. The host and Jeff dove into how what started as a side project blossomed into a significant consumer-focused enterprise, ultimately catching the attention of a private equity firm. Unfortunately, the new owners couldn’t sustain the business’s success, leading to its decline.

However, Jeff’s career didn’t end there. He continued to engage with the startup ecosystem, both as a worker and an investor, amassing a trove of insights along the way. This podcast is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the intricacies of selling or purchasing businesses, or those curious about the venture capital and startup landscapes.