Building legacy businesses (with Johan Taljaard, Aurik

15 March 2024

Johan Taljaard is a director at Aurik Business Accelerator. With well over a decade of experience in mergers and acquisitions in the SME space, Johan now spends his time helping entrepreneurs design and engineer their businesses for growth and potentially an eventual sale.

In his experience, roughly 4 out of 5 businesses cannot be sold. This is a tragedy in a country where employment is such a problem, as many of these businesses close down when the entrepreneur decides to move on. If things were different, these businesses could become legacy businesses that provide sustainable employment opportunities.

It is an economic imperative that more entrepreneurs build businesses that can be sold, even if the eventual plan is to put professional management in place and collect the dividends.

In this episode of the bizval podcast, Johan spoke to The Finance Ghost about his passion in this space and the important lessons for entrepreneurs.

Aurik has helped over 3,000 companies achieve average annual increases in revenue of 28.9% and profit of 32.4%. Visit the Aurik website at this link for more information.

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