Buying and selling tech companies with Jonathan Kropf

3 February 2024

Buying and Selling tech companies

It’s easy to assume that technology companies are only bought and sold in exotic places like Silicon Valley. The truth is that technology entrepreneurs are found everywhere, carving out niches and cementing competitive advantages in their region of focus.

In this episode of the bizval podcast, The Finance Ghost interviews Jonathan Kropf. As the founder and CEO of Velocity Group, Jonathan has plenty of wisdom to share and scars on his back to show us from building a successful company.

It’s not easy starting a business. It’s even worse when you left your corporate job just days before the Global Financial Crisis rocked the world and people at Lehman Brothers had to pack their belongings into boxes and leave the office.

With a great combination of famously bad market timing and strong levels of resilience, Jonathan is now looking to expand in the UK. We wouldn’t bet against him.

You can learn more about Velocity Group and you can find Jonathan on LinkedIn.