From freelancer to freedompreneur with Lien de Pau, The Big Exit

30 May 2024

Lien de Pau strongly believes that you’ll live the life you build. Why can’t your passion project also be a successful, valuable business that allows you to have the money you want and balance in your life?

Her claim to fame is that she wakes up every morning without an alarm clock, despite being a successful serial entrepreneur. There are many forms of “value drivers”. For lien, value drivers are not just about leveraging the bottom line. But around creating a lifestyle that works for her.

It’s easy to talk yourself into the trap of “things will never get better” and “my life will always be this unbalanced” – but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can build a valuable business that is independent from you as the owner, allowing you to experience all that life as to offer.

You can read Lien’s work on Forbes at this link and you can engage with her blog and courses on her website, The Big Exit.