Growing up in an entrepreneurial household with Howard and Justin Blake

12 February 2024

A father and son team in entrepreneurship (or any other family combination of course) often means members of the family working in the same business. But in the case of Howard and Justin Blake, it’s been a journey of mentorship and knowledge-sharing rather than working together directly.

In fact, Justin worked particularly hard to get out of the family business and build his own operation!

In this podcast, we explore how growing up in an entrepreneurial family helped Justin find his way as a successful founder himself. Justin has built Silvery, an online personally jewellery business.

We also touch on the realities of being a genuine entrepreneur, which is a lonely road that can have a substantial impact on families.

Other topics included the journey to break-even for a founder and the importance of understanding value creation, not just profitability. There was plenty of candid discussion on concepts like self-employment vs. scaling a business.

With the sounds of commerce in the background (literally – Justin recorded this from his factory), this podcast is for entrepreneurs who need context to their personal journeys.

Join The Finance Ghost as he hosts Howard Blake and Justin Blake on the bizval podcast.

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