Help – I built an unsellable business with Mike Finger, Exit Oasis

12 March 2024

Mike Finger was 10 years into building a business that had 50 employees. He then discovered that the business was “unsellable” – an awful realisation for any founder, especially at that size.

There wasn’t enough cash flow. It was too dependent on the owner. In Mike’s words, he was building a list of what not to do when trying to build a business that could be sold. Five years later, he had done enough to successfully sell the business.

Mike has been on a journey of incredible relevance to every founder and entrepreneur. Today, Mike owns an advisory business called Exit Oasis where he works with small business owners in the US. With approximately 80% of businesses listed in the US failing to sell, helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses and create legacy wealth is an economic imperative.

On this bizval podcast, Mike joins The Finance Ghost to talk about the journey of building a business that can actually be sold. This is a must-listen for every single entrepreneur.