Life after exit with Attila Kadikoy, Levantine & Co

2 May 2024

Life after exit. This is what you’re working towards, isn’t it? The ability to not work around the clock and stress in ways that only other founders will ever understand.

To talk about this exciting potential phase of your life, Attila Kadikoy joined The Finance Ghost on this podcast. Attila was born in Turkey and grew up in the UK before settling in Cape Town just over a decade ago. He co-founded Levantine & Co. to manage portfolios for high net-worth individuals, focusing on an offshore strategy.

Important concepts covered in this podcast include:

  • The risk of tunnel vision and how entrepreneurs need to lift their heads from being hyper-focused on one particular asset to being exposed to a diversified portfolio.
  • The mindset shift from growing a business to achieving a risk-adjusted rate of return that is acceptable in global markets.
  • Thoughts around investing a portion of the exit money in another opportunity and how correctly identifying the reasons for your desired exit can help with that decision.
  • Whether everything in the long term becomes a toaster (no, really!) and what this means for longevity of wealth.
  • The importance of saving and investing from the time when a business is successful, not just when it is sold.
  • How a portfolio evolves over time and some key considerations around equity, fixed income and ongoing dividends from businesses that form the underpin of family wealth.

To connect with Attila, find him on LinkedIn or visit the Levantine & Co website.