Protecting intellectual property with Eitan Stern, founder Legalese

25 April 2024

Eitan Stern of Legalese joined bizval podcast host The Finance Ghost to talk about how the firm works with entrepreneurs and founders. Disruption is a topic close to the heart of any founder and that culture is core to how Legalese operates.

In this podcast, some of the talking points included:

  • What is a “creative” these days and how has the general understanding of this term evolved?
  • Why is business strategy all about understanding your personal Venn diagram of skills?
  • The benefits of starting a business under tricky circumstances, either personally or economically (or both!)
  • Eitan’s excellent take on businesses that raise capital vs. businesses that are profitable.
  • The considerations in protecting intellectual property and how this works across different countries and categories.

This is a punchy podcast that is a worthwhile listen for any founder. You can connect with Eitan on LinkedIn here.