Rethinking property development with Murray Clark, Neighbourgood

18 February 2024

Murray Clark is a young entrepreneur who thinks about property completely differently. Instead of seeing every building as a net cash flow stream, he sees them as neighbourhoods with the potential to build communities.

It sounds cliché, we know. It sounds like marketing gumph. But if you’ve ever been to one of the Neighbourgood buildings, you’ll quickly realise that something special is going on here.

Murray joined the bizval podcast for a discussion with The Finance Ghost that included:

  • His background in both entrepreneurial endeavours and property.
  • The cultural DNA of Neighbourgood and how this permeates into the property developments that create co-working spaces that attract digital nomads from around the world to Cape Town.
  • The growth strategy for Neighbourgood, both within Cape Town and abroad in other destination cities.
  • The funding strategy for Neighbourgood, including a desired co-ownership model.
  • Mistakes made along the way – we all have them!
  • Insights into juggling business and personal lives, especially with a miniature Murray running around at home.
  • Tough, but absolutely correct advice for young entrepreneurs and anyone on a growth path.

You can learn more about Neighbourgood at this link

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