Selling to corporates with Mark Davidson, Crest Business Advisory

28 February 2024

With extensive experience in corporate business development and M&A roles, Mark Davidson has been on the “other side” of many transactions in his career. He now consults to founders in the UK looking to grow and possibly sell their businesses.

When corporate buyers have dealmaking in their DNA thanks to frequent bolt-on or strategic acquisitions, founders need to be particularly aware of the need to obtain proper professional advice to level the playing field.

In this podcast hosted by The Finance Ghost, discussion points included:

  • Financial vs. strategic buyers
  • The importance of getting proper advice when selling to seasoned dealmakers
  • The role of succession planning in increasing company value and improving the likelihood of a successful deal
  • Rules of thumb for valuation multiples in the UK
  • An indication of current “hot” sectors for dealmaking activity in the UK
  • Levels of acquisitive activity in the UK market from foreign buyers

To connect with Mark, find him on LinkedIn here or visit the Crest Business Advisory website here.