Slaying Giants in the Mega Gig Economy with Adi Kaimowitz, Virtual Actuary

2 March 2024

Adi Kaimowitz is proof that building a business and providing the underlying service are two different things. Spotting an exciting gap in the market for actuaries, Adi and the team at Virtual Actuary have built a brilliant business despite Adi not being an actuary himself.

Adi has written a book called “Slaying Giants in the Mega Gig Economy” – an insightful look at business strategy in the digital age. There’s nothing romantic about the idea of entrepreneurship in Adi’s world. Instead, it is simply a way to move into the equity layer and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with the success.

His practical approach to life is hard-hitting and real. Topics in this podcast include:

  • The use of technology to take a South African skills base to the world.
  • The importance of your personal brand and how platforms like LinkedIn provide an extraordinary opportunity to connect with people across the globe.
  • The magic of “observing with purpose” – spotting a gap in an industry after properly understanding it.
  • The value of building with gig economy colleagues rather than investors, taking pressure off the process if you can get it right.
  • Thoughts on artificial intelligence and what it means for the Virtual Actuary business.

We ended off with the myth of work-life balance for founders and Adi’s best tips for dealing with this.

To connect with Adi, find him here on LinkedIn or visit the Virtual Actuary website.