Stages of business with John Barnes, Pendleton Street Advisors

30 April 2024

Despite encountering a hiccup when John Barnes found himself unable to enter his office and his earphones malfunctioned, we still managed to deliver an outstanding podcast episode. Thanks to John’s expertise in exit planning and the array of services he offers through Pendleton Street Advisors to entrepreneurs in the United States, he had a wealth of insights to share.

During this episode of the bizval podcast, hosted by The Finance Ghost, we delved into several key topics:

  • The lifecycle of a business and Pendleton’s approach to addressing the evolving needs of a company at various stages.
  • The typical timeline for building a business of significant value, acknowledging a few exceptions.
  • The dynamics of raising capital in different markets, including variations within the U.S., and how these dynamics shift according to the business stage and risk appetite.
  • The critical nature of understanding the required rate of return, emphasizing the need for more entrepreneurs and investors to grasp this concept.
  • The value of viewing your business from an investor’s perspective, focusing on crucial metrics and the most effective ways to communicate them.

To get in touch with John or learn more about his work, you’re invited to visit the Pendleton website or connect with John Barnes on LinkedIn.