The engine room with Chay Stockdale from Iridium Business Solutions

12 May 2024

Chay Stockdale’s journey from a trainee to a shareholder and director at Iridium Business Solutions is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Currently serving as the Head of Advisory, Chay plays a pivotal role in the core operations of the company.

In a recent discussion with a co-founder of bizval, Chay shared his insights on several key aspects of business operations and growth:

  • The foundation of operations: Highlighting how the operational aspects of a business are integral to its overall functionality and success across various departments.
  • Navigating expansion challenges: Unpacking the common pitfalls founders face when branching into new markets or sectors.
  • Understanding “scale”: Explaining what scaling truly means for Iridium, emphasizing strategic growth and efficiency.
  • Focus areas in South Africa: Delving into sectors like renewable energy and business process outsourcing, showcasing the country’s emerging opportunities.
  • The role of automation: Discussing the critical importance of integrating automation within businesses to enhance efficiency and productivity.