The serial fun entrepreneur with Huenu Solsona, Galileo Open Air Cinema

20 March 2024

“When you’re 90, you might want to sell it.”

When that’s how you think about your businesses, you know you’re having fun. This has always been the key for Huenu Solsona in her business interests. After figuring out early in life that she wanted to start her own businesses, there was no going back to a traditional job after tasting this lifestyle and excitement.

With various well-known South African businesses under her belt including the Galileo Open Air Cinema and Adventure Bootcamp, Huenu attributes much of her success to extensive travel and the related benefits in identifying business opportunities. Importantly, she is a particularly rare breed of entrepreneur in that she has successfully sold businesses before. In fact, one of her businesses is for sale right now!

Topics discussed with host The Finance Ghost included:

  • How to figure out whether it is time to sell a business and the approach taken to this process;
  • The absolute importance of building businesses that are fun;
  • Whether entrepreneurs tend to make better personal financial decisions;
  • The use of business plans in practice – or not, as the case may be;
  • Whether business is being taught by the right people in the education system;
  • The importance of differentiation; and
  • Huenu’s latest fascinating projects.

Serial entrepreneurs are a rare breed. With seemingly endless energy, Huenu’s passion for business is contagious. Listen to this show and find out for yourself.

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