Thanks for choosing to open this email in your wildly busy inbox – we appreciate your time and never take it for granted. With that in mind, let’s talk about exit planning for your business. That’s just a fancy way of saying: have you thought about how you will sell your business?

We simply can’t stress this enough - the earlier you start, the better. In the poll on our latest webinar, it was great to see that the attendees recognised that exit planning isn’t something that takes a few weeks or even six months. It’s not about pulling together a data room or sending through your most recently audited financial statements.

It’s about understanding the pressure points for a buyer and planning accordingly. It’s not easy and it takes time. The reward makes it worthwhile.

Here are just a few of the fundamental questions that are important in this process:

Why do you want to exit? 

Have you gotten to a point where the stress is too severe for you, or is there a healthier reason for wanting to sell the business?

And if the former, are there any other steps you can take to improve your situation without having to sell the business?

Trying to sell someone a hot potato isn’t a good strategy.

Do you want a full or a partial exit?

A full exit puts money in the bank and takes away all the strain but is harder to achieve. A partial exit might be simpler and certainly puts some money in the bank, but it is the business equivalent of installing a roommate into your spare room in your house. And sooner or later, that can become annoying if you don’t get exactly the right roommate.

Have you considered whether there are strategic buyers in your sector? 

Keeping an eye on deals in your market will be really important here, as taking advantage of a strategic buyer can be the best possible exit – but those opportunities don’t exist forever.

Did you notice that these questions have very little to do with the business and a lot to do with your personal objectives and the realities of the industry? Don’t be fooled – this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put steps in place in the business to get it ready. Quite the contrary, actually.

For much deeper and broader insights into exit planning, our latest webinar is a wonderful use of your time. Featuring our UK partner Doug Pudney, the panel discussion focused on numerous elements of exit planning and dealt with some great questions at the end.


This can be a daunting experience, right? We know this. That’s exactly why we are trying to make that first step as easy as possible. At the link below, you’ll find a value creation starter pack that gives you an idea of not just how to create value in a business, but what our valuation reports look like.


Our CEO Graham Stephen was invited to a webinar hosted by Addition Finance, covering topics ranging from risk and reward considerations through to key concepts like unit economics, growth and market potential.

There really was a lot of great stuff in here, including how high growth companies differ from more traditional small and medium businesses.


And speaking of webinars, you can register for an upcoming webinar with bizval and Forecastr on how to increase the value of your startup. Scheduled for 9th July at 12pm ET, this will be particularly valuable for founders who are at an early stage in their journeys.


Well, the exit point of this email at least. If you’re ready to reach the exit point of your business, then book a discussion with us.