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As fellow entrepreneurs, we grasp the challenges you face. That’s why bizval offers a unique approach to business valuations, combining founder expertise and experience.

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Independent expertise

With 70+ years of combined experience in dealmaking and corporate strategy, we’ve seen the full process of value creation from startup formation to exits and substantial capital raises.

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Step-by-step guidance

We guide you through the entire valuation process –from gathering data to interpreting the results – to ensure you have a clear understanding of every aspect of the valuation.

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Human-led tech enabled

We use the latest tools and techniques for accurate valuations, but we keep it human with support that goes beyond numbers.

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bizval live

A DIY option ideal for business owners who want to do it themselves. Includes complimentary 15-minute consultation.

bizval concierge

Ideal for business owners who have no time to do it themselves. Our Concierge Team will conduct the valuation on your behalf.

bizval startup

| bizval Business Valuations UK & USA

Designed for startups and early-stage businesses. Our proprietary model combines tech and touch in delivering a startup valuation that goes beyond the numbers.

bizval exit

Ideal for business owners contemplating a sale or investment in their business.

Are you a professional (fractional cfo, business coach, accountant, legal professional or broker) who has a need for multiple valuations? 

Contact us for customized pricing and subscription options.

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Take your first step with bizval express: a fast, independent and simple way to get an indicative valuation range.

bizval express

Take your first step with bizval express: a fast, independent and simple way to get an indicative range.


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