There are many, many countries heading to the polls this year. Political instability is the flavour of 2024, driving uncertainty among investors and founders alike. The trick is to separate the signal from the noise, concentrating on what you need to do in your business.

Learning to distinguish between what you can and can’t control is a powerful weapon in a year filled with headlines designed to invoke an emotional response.

Objectivity helps too, of course, which is why we love working with entrepreneurs who are looking for an independent view on the value and strategy of their business.

We are thrilled to announce that we have appointed Outcomes Business Group as our representatives in the UK market. Spearheaded by Doug Pudney and Bridget Reynolds, we are excited to combine our expertise in valuations and exit planning with Doug and Bridget’s extensive experience in the UK market, particularly in supporting entrepreneurs and founders of small and medium businesses.

Bridget can be found on Linkedin here and Doug can be reached here. We look forward to bringing you more insights from the UK and increasing our presence in that market.

Our CEO and co-founder Graham Stephen has been invited as an expert guest for a business valuation masterclass hosted by Addition Finance. Topics to be covered include understanding startup valuations, building for value from day 1, calculating value and understanding the key drivers behind business value.

The event is scheduled for 30th May and you can register for free here.

For a less technical but equally useful discussion, Graham will be joining Lien de Pau (founder of The Big Exit) for a webinar on how an agency owner turned a near collapse into a 7-figure valuation. The practical strategies that will be discussed in this webinar give great insights into how to drive a valuation forward.

Join the event on 27th May.


Platform businesses tend to be loss-making for quite a while before suddenly flicking into profitability and then generating eye-watering cash flows. If things go well, that is.

This makes them incredibly interesting to value, as an earnings multiple approach is rarely appropriate.

In our latest webinar, bizval co-founders Graham Stephen and The Finance Ghost delved into the economics of platforms and some of the key metrics. The discussion also covered the valuation approach required for these businesses and how the bizval startup offering addresses the challenges.

If you’ve always wondered how a business like Google Cloud suddenly transforms into a swan after years of losing money, then you’ll enjoy this webinar.


Here’s something technical for those who want to understand more about the technical aspects of valuations. Steven Kay works closely with our clients on their valuations and has written on the topic of enterprise value vs. equity value and how adjustments for debt are made.

The topic of debt lends itself not just to bad puns, but also to a conversation on how companies use debt to create value.


The Finance Ghost, one of the co-founders of bizval, has applied his ghostly pen to the topic of startup valuations, particularly in the context of Silicon Valley vs. the world. There are very good reasons why startups in the valley tend to attract higher valuations than startups based elsewhere in the world.

Unpacking the reasons is a great way to understand more about startup valuations.


Building a business for value and for an eventual exit is a journey that requires adequate planning. You can’t wake up today and sell tomorrow. We are here to help you with that process, with the valuation as just one of the considerations in preparing for exit.

Our bizval exit offering is a perfect way to diagnose issues that might get in the way of your exit plans. We combine it with a valuation that shows you the current value range and the key drivers to increase that value.

Speak to us today and start your exit planning journey.


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We recently launched bizval express and we couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing. As a first stab at a valuation, express uses the core of our methodology and delivers a plausible valuation range. For those seeking a more accurate answer, our live and concierge offerings are perfect.


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