For golf enthusiasts (and those who love sport in general), this past weekend saw Scottie Scheffler emerge victorious at The Masters. Incidentally, South African Gary Player teed off for the 88th edition of The Masters at the age of 88. If you want to talk about building something sustainable, there’s a pretty good example.

If you’ve ever swung a club or watched golf, you’ll know that it’s a cruel sport. Quite literally a game of inches played over thousands of yards per round, there’s arguably no other sport that requires this mix of talent, technical proficiency, mindfulness and strategy. Luck also plays a huge role, as a poorly timed gust of wind can easily be the difference between glory and failure.

Golf and business have always gone hand-in-hand, probably because the ingredients for success are so similar. Sometimes, things go well and it looks easy. In reality though, the true differentiator is how a player recovers from a bad shot or unlucky break.

For founders, that will sound painfully familiar. We salute you for having the bravery to attempt the impossible shots.

Sugar coating the journey of building a business is something that Instagram influencers love to do. We have no interest in that approach. Business is tough, raw and highly rewarding if you get it right.

Founders who are willing to tell the guts-and-all version of events aren’t easy to find. This is why we enjoyed our recent podcast with Renier Lombard (co-founder of FLANCE Directive Creators) so much. He doesn’t hold back in explaining the journey and the risks taken along the way.


In our most recent webinar, we talked about our approach to valuing startups and why we believe that the same principles used in valuations of more developed companies can still be applied here – with a lot of tweaks, of course.

In our next webinar scheduled for 24th April, highly experienced global startup advisor Stefanie Unger will be joining us to give perspective on the startup environment in cities like Berlin, London and more. This is a great opportunity to get real-world insights.  Attendance is free, but you must register ahead of time.


We’ve collaborated with London Strategic Consulting, which includes consultants from leading UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and UCL. As part of this collaboration, the LSC is conducting a survey on business valuations, exit planning and insurance practices.

We would greatly appreciate you taking just a few minutes to complete the survey at this link, contributing your voice to valuable real-world perspectives that enhance the understanding of this field.


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