Bootstrapping vs Raising funding

10 May 2024

Deciding whether to seek external funding is a pivotal moment for any founder, filled with both opportunity and risk. Making the right decision can bring a valuable investor into the fold, accelerating your business’s growth. However, a misstep can lead to regret and question the very decision to start a business.

There are numerous factors to weigh, including the type and amount of funding necessary and exploring alternatives that might reduce the need for giving up equity too soon.

At bizval, we advocate for a balanced approach known as the “hybrid bootstrap.” This strategy combines self-funding with selective external financing, aiming to optimize growth while maintaining control.

This webinar, leveraging the bizval founding team’s wealth of experience, is crucial for any business owner contemplating their financing options. It’s designed to navigate the complexities of raising capital, providing insights regardless of your current stage in the funding process.