Building a more valuable business | Business valuation (part 2)

12 February 2024

We’ve demystified the art and science of a business valuation. We’ve spent time showing you how to build a more valuable company with a resilient revenue line. Now, we are moving further down the income statement and looking at other major drivers of a business valuation. Yes, it’s time for another webinar!

Financial statements aren’t exactly a cause for great excitement in the world, until you’re sitting with an offer on the table for your business and you suddenly discover what note 7 actually meant all these years. Note 7 might mean the difference between a golf estate and a golf of the Volkswagen variety instead.

You’ve worked hard to build this business, so learn everything you can about making it more valuable. With, you can measure that value along the way and see how you are progressing vs. your dreams.

Let’s face it: we all have “a number” that we are working towards.

We value your company.