How to buy a business?

15 April 2024

Buying a business is almost as difficult as selling one. Managing human emotions while applying sound financial principles is a challenging combination. Speaking of emotions, it’s not just the seller and attachment to the business and its staff that we are talking about here. Buyers can get far too hot for the deal, leading to deal structures that end up being disasters.

There’s so much to consider when buying a business. In this webinar, the founding team of bizval covered the following points:

• Why do you want to buy a business?

• Buying vs. starting a business 

• How do you go about identifying a business to make an offer?

• Valuing the business 

• Structuring the offer and negotiating the deal

• Due diligence and closing the deal 

• Securing finance

• Post-merger integration and the first 100 days

The team also dealt with excellent questions raised from the floor. 

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