The importance of strategic planning for small business owners

1 April 2024

Our latest bizval webinar delved deep into the essence of a thriving small business: precise and well-executed planning. In our enlightening webinar titled “The Importance of Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners,” we were fortunate to share insights and strategies that are instrumental to the success of entrepreneurs in today’s dynamic landscape.

Hosted by bizval CEO Graham Stephen and our in-house technical specialist The Finance Ghost, the team welcomed Tony Cotrupe (Managing Director of Meliora Advisors) to this webinar, all the way from the United States. With a strong international flavour and deep experience gained in the most exciting pool of capital in the world, this webinar emphasised the paramount role of strategic planning and the benefits thereof.

The all-important Q&A session was as insightful as ever, with a healthy dose of practical advice around strategic planning for entrepreneurs.

If you enjoy this recording, stay tuned to bizval for updates on future webinars. We remain committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the tools they need to win the ultimate prize in this game: a successful and lucrative exit that unlocks generational wealth.