Business made Simple with bizval on CCFM107.5 – Episode 3

25 March 2024

Catch Episode 3 of “Business Made Simple with bizval” on CCFM107.5!

The journey continues with Graham Stephen, the innovative force behind bizval, as he returns to our airwaves for the third episode of our insightful series. Every session is a step further into mastering the art of business, and Episode 3 promises to be especially impactful.

Join us each Wednesday at 10:15 AM SAST on In-Season, hosted by the dynamic Sakhe, for another enriching episode.

What’s in Store for Episode 3: In this episode, Graham Stephen offers a masterclass on developing the ultimate holiday strategy for entrepreneurs. Be prepared to dive into a treasure trove of valuable insights and top tips that will elevate your business strategies to new heights. This session is a must for anyone looking to enhance their business acumen and harness the potential of the holiday season.

Remember, by simply tuning in, you could win a complimentary business valuation from bizval. It’s not just about learning; it’s about directly applying this knowledge to your business journey.

Embark on this voyage of discovery with “Business Made Simple with bizval.” Transform your approach to business with this unique combination of expertise and real-world application.