Business made Simple with bizval on CCFM107.5 – Episode 4

1 April 2024

Join us for a new for an insightful journey with Graham Stephen, the mastermind behind bizval, as he continues to unravel the complexities of business in our enthralling five-week series. In Episode 4 on CCFM107.5, Graham takes a deep dive into future-proofing your business, a crucial aspect of sustainable growth and strategy.

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 10:15 AM SAST on In-Season, accompanied by the vibrant Sakhe. Keep your mid-weeks packed with valuable business knowledge and foresight!

Episode 4 Focus: Planning for the Future with Expert Insights

Last week, we emphasized the importance of year-end planning. As the financial year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time for strategic discussions with your accountant. We’re thrilled to have had Rochelle van Greunen, a seasoned professional accountant from Axia Accounting, join us in this episode. Rochelle shared expert advice on key topics to cover during your financial review, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the year ahead.

Remember, by tuning in, you stand a chance to win a complimentary business valuation from bizval, valued at R5,000. This opportunity is more than guidance; it’s a transformative step for your business.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain industry-leading expertise and insights. Set your reminders and join us in reshaping your approach to business strategy and success.