A Global Lens on Valuations

15 March 2024

From Big Ben to Big Insights! Our CEO Graham Stephen was live from London alongside The Finance Ghost (from his usual spot in Cape Town) as they hosted a discussion with Duran Hamer and Jodilee Manuel of Syft Analytics.

In this webinar, apart from Graham sharing his initial insights from the Accountex London 2023 event, our resident ghost will be walked through our approach to valuations and the logic that we follow in our models. Naturally, this included some tips along the way of what improves and what hurts a valuation.

Then, the team from Syft walked us through the way they present business information in a way that it can be understood globally – literally! This South African startup has plugged into accounting software packages and delighted clients around the world with information presented in a way that helps business owners make better decisions.