There’s a deal on the table – Part 2

10 March 2024

Due diligence: a journey so tough, it deserved a second webinar

As we unpacked in the first webinar on this topic, a due diligence process is no joke. There are many things to think about and treacherous bridges to cross.

Not only do you have to worry about the subsequent negotiation around deal terms, but you also have to think about opportunistic bidders who may just be trying to peek under the hood of your business.

In this follow-on webinar, we welcomed back Andreas Tsangarakis of STBB and Matt Smith of CleverProfits for a more detailed panel discussion on topics like:

  • Does poor financial reporting bring an untimely end to deals, or does this becoming more of a negotiation card down the line?
  • When does it make sense to speak to a lawyer in this process?
  • How do you protect yourself in a due diligence from having your staff poached or showing too much of your business to a competitor?
  • Why do “earn outs” exist and how should sellers and buyers use them?
  • What is a “locked box” structure?

At bizval, we are passionate about empowering founders and investors in private companies. Speak to us about our live or concierge valuation offerings, as well as our recently launched bizval bootcamp service that will help prepare you for battle in a due diligence process. Find out more by contacting us at  va******@bi**********.co.

More about Andreas and Matt:

Andreas Tsangarakis is a Director in STBB’s Corporate and Commercial Department. He has experience in drafting various contracts and resolutions for commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions in the private sector. He specialises in advising on internal company group restructuring, as well as commercial property and financed related transactions.

Matt Smith has several years of experience in advisory services and is now Advisory Director at CleverProfits. In this role, he works directly with founders in executing growth strategies and increasing the value of their businesses.